Warenhousing / Customs brokerage services

Depending on a customer’s needs, the UAB Vigidas Transport provides warehousing services:
  • Storage of goods;
  • Grouping;
  • Sorting;
  • Transhipment;
  • Packaging and marking/labelling operations.

We represent various our customers’ interests at customs-houses. Having trusted this work to us, you will save lots of time and avoid additional investments to specific software, personnel training and other troubles in relation with the procedures of customs brokerage.

We consult and represent our customers’ interests going through the following customs procedures:

  • evelopment and processing of import clearing documentation;
  • Development and processing of export clearing documentation;
  • Development, processing and presenting of transit, re-export and re-import documents to customs;
  • Temporary import and export;
  • Re-execution at a customs terminal as well as in customs warehouses;
  • Import and export procedures to the enterprises of other EU member-states in Lithuania;
  • Cargo insurance services;
  • Payment of banking, customs as well as other duties and fees.

Customs brokers’ working hours:
Every day (including weekends and holidays) from 9.00 to 21.00.